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Yes, the trailer for Inferno has been released. Yes, it’s the latest in a trilogy of movies adapted from novels by Dan Brown that began with The Da Vinci Code. And yes, it’s our first chance to see Harvard scholar Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) since 2009’s Angels & Demons, but the really big news—something neither Da Vinci nor Dante could have possibly prophesied—is he’s had a haircut.

Not only that but he’s got a new sidekick in the form of Felicity Jones. The star of The Theory of Everything and upcoming Star Wars prequel/sequel thingy Rogue One plays Dr. Sienna Brooks, an academic who must work together with Langdon to stop smarmy bio-terrorist Bertrand Zobrist (Warcraft‘s Ben Foster), a “transhumanist scientist” who thinks he’s got the solution to the world’s problems: a plague that will wipe out 50 percent of its population.

It’s not long before Langdon finds himself implicated, and the stakes get higher, leaving him with just one clue to what’s really going on: the nine circles of hell as outlined in Dante‘s Inferno.

Here’s the trailer:

Phew. We’re just pleased he managed to squeeze in a trip to the hairdresser’s.

As with the previous two movies in the series, the whole thing is presided over by Ron Howard, whose recent movies Rush and In the Heart of the Sea have shown he’s a safe pair of hands when it comes to fast-paced thrillers.

Inferno opens October 28.

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By Kat Sommers
Kat is a freelance writer for Anglophenia.