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You know Anna Kendrick and her singing voice from Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2. And you know James Corden from, well, it’s pretty obvious how we all know Corden … as Smithy from Gavin and Stacey, Craig from Doctor Who, The Late Late Show he now hosts and the crazy, popular segment ‘Carpool Karaoke.’ Also, the two co-starred in 2014’s Into the Woods.

We can count on the both of them being able to sing and act. Does that mean we can trust them to guide us through love? They may not be claiming to be relationship experts, but they do take us through the motions, belting out 11 love songs in the below clip. (It’s kind of like when we went through the stages of life, but with TV shows.)

The segment is meant to be fun, but of course there are some moments that hit us, like, umm, at 2:57, when Kendrick digs into some ice cream, nailing Adele‘s Someone Like You, after realizing her love interest (Corden in this case) had been cheating (tsk, tsk).

The “Soundtrack to a Love Story” kicks off with daydreaming about finding that certain someone, meeting in person, feeling those crazy feelings, falling into bed, questioning love, realizing they want to get married, making promises, cheating, breaking up, making up and getting back together.

That’s a lot to tackle in less than five minutes:

Did this make you re-think a past love? 

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By Brigid Brown