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Amy Schumer‘s stand up can be polarizing at times, but whether you like her humor or not (just to put it on the record, we adore her), you will appreciate the comedian and actress taking on Anna Wintour in the Vogue Original Shorts series.

In the below clip, Schumer swings by Vogue to meet with Wintour, editor-in-chief of the celebrated magazine. Schumer is feeling a little uncomfortable being out of her element, and we don’t blame her, as Wintour seems like she’d be intimidating. But once they get to chatting, Schumer comes to her senses, saying, “I don’t really feel like playing the mousey victim, ‘Oh, thank you for your time.'”

And Wintour doesn’t want to play the role of the icy editor.

There is clearly a respect level between the two women, with Vogue putting Schumer on the cover of the magazine. So much respect that the two women agree to switch jobs, even though it happens in a roundabout way.

We can definitely see Schumer holding down a desk and bossing people around, but can Wintour pull off stand up comedy?

Surprisingly, the answer is yes. But you really need to see if for yourself:

We kind of wish Wintour had donned a message tee, or a fitted mini dress more like Schumer would wear, but we get it, she is a fashion icon. Wintour has to draw the line somewhere. Besides the wardrobe choice, this Freaky Friday-like switch up was pretty impressive with both women holding their own.

Has Anna Wintour found a new calling?

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By Brigid Brown