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Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who‘s Day roundup, a seven-day calvalcade of Time Lord trivia, culled from the gushing sump of internet froth and gabble.

This week, we begin with a trip to Dallas, where Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman, Freema Agyeman and Michelle Gomez traveled to make various personal appearances at FanExpo 2016. How personal? Well, there’s this, for starters:

Plus some Spider-Man web hands all round:

Peter appeared solo at one Q&A, in which he explained why he likes his hair longer, how he first got his hands on a Doctor Who script, and what Davros’s chair has in common with a pensioner’s shopping trolley. It’s all captured here in a fan clip:

And Jenna’s Q&A is here:

And a combined panel for Peter, Jenna and Michelle:

Also in attendance, Arthur Darvill was there to discuss his own time travel adventures, and took a moment to finally answer the question we’ve all been pondering, what is it like to kiss Matt Smith?

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

• Hats off to Alice Carter for this brilliant animation welcoming Bill to the TARDIS:

• The Doctor’s influence pops up in the strangest places:

Warwick Davies talks about ticking off Doctor Who from his bucket list:

• But it might be too late for him to add Torchwood

• Davros is the star of June’s Monster Month:

• This fan-made trailer for the classic Who story arc “The Trial of a Time Lord” is rather good:

Tom Baker (the Fourth Doctor) and Katie Manning (Jo Grant) team up for a new audio series in which they play themselves.

• “The Age of Steel” dissected:

• This is a well-made point:

• Which leads to this, a painstaking recreation of that exact title sequence by Cloister Productions:

Karen Gillan, a vision of poise and grace:

• A TARDIS created from Lego bricks:

• Go on, indulge yourself:

• Well this changes everything:

• And finally, we end as we began, with more convention footage, this time from the Doctor Who panel at Washington’s Awesome Con, which also took place over the weekend. Keep an eye out for Jenna’s exceptional one-liner about Peter’s mic technique at the start:


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By Fraser McAlpine