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We mentioned Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart‘s on-screen chemistry in Equals in an earlier post and received some mixed responses from readers in the comments section.

With that in mind, Hoult and Felicity Jones‘ spark may be more apparent in the forthcoming thriller Collide. We pick up on their natural dynamic in the first few seconds of the trailer when the two strip down to their skivvies, rolling around in the snow as part of a self-imposed dare.

Things turn serious when Jones’ character can’t lift herself up and, after going to the hospital, the two learn she needs a kidney transplant.

Hoult, who plays her boyfriend, takes it on himself to get the money together to pay for her medical needs:

Collide, hitting theaters on August 19, also stars Sirs Ben Kingsley and Anthony Hopkins.

What do you think of the first look for Collide

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By Brigid Brown