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When Matt Damon is spotted in an airport or approached on the street, he says the first question he’s asked is, “When are you going to do another one of those Bourne movies?”

Now he has a concrete answer: Damon is set to reprise his role as former CIA operative Jason Bourne in the 2016 film, simply called Jason Bourne, hitting U.S. theaters on July 29.

We received a first look at the trailer a few weeks ago.

Damon talks about making the return in the below clip, saying, “I don’t mind being followed around by Jason Bourne. I like Jason Bourne.”

He considers the character a defining role in his life and is grateful for being offered the part 16 years ago. He first stepped into the role at 29 and is now 45.

Damon talks about reuniting with director Paul Greengrass and his affection for the Bourne series below:

In the next installment Bourne has his memory back, but his former colleague Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles), who also makes her return after sitting out the fourth installment (The Bourne Legacy), points out, “Just because you remember everything, doesn’t mean you know everything.”

Jason Bourne, also starring Alicia Vikander, Tommy Lee Jones, and Ato Essandoh, will premiere on July 29.

Are you looking forward to the fifth installment of the Bourne series?

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By Brigid Brown