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The Ask Marvel Q&A is pretty self-explanatory. Marvel feeds fan questions to their guest superhero or super villain in this case, Jessica Jones star David Tennant.

For the most part the questions are Marvel-esque, like, “Out of the Avengers, who would cry the most watching The Fault in Our Stars?,” “Who would win in a death battle between Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) and Iron Fist (Finn Jones)?,” and more specifically (SPOILER ALERT), “Will Killgrave (Tennant) return alive (for the second season of Jessica Jones) or will we at least get some flashbacks or hallucinations??”

That last one gets straight to the point.

There were also some questions that went off topic, like Tennant’s preference between pizza or a burger. It always goes to food, doesn’t it? One bold Twitter user asked Tennant if he would watch Captain America: Civil War with him (or her).

You can check out all of Tennant’s thoughtful answers in the below clip:

Do you think Killgrave will return in some form?

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By Brigid Brown