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James Corden (left), J.J. Abrams (center), and Candace Payne have a sort of Chewbacca mask party. (Photo: YouTube)

With 100 million views and counting it seems like almost everyone has seen “Chewbacca Mom” enjoying her Star Wars purchase.

If you haven’t, Candace Payne purchased a Chewbacca mask as a birthday splurge for herself in her hometown of Dallas. She made a video in the parking lot of the store she bought it from to share her excitement with friends and family.

Here’s the original video Payne posted to her Facebook page:

It wasn’t just her close ones who enjoyed her glee, but … well, a large portion of the world.

The video has been such a hit with Payne even receiving some Twitter love from actor Peter Mayhew, who originally played Chewbacca:

And, it hasn’t stopped there. Now she’s rubbing elbows with late-night host James Corden and Star Wars director J.J. Abrams.

This is the never-ending birthday celebration:

Corden even read a special message from Mayhew on the show itself:

Why do you think this video is so popular? 

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By Brigid Brown