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The TARDIS at Buckingham Palace, 2013 (Photo: Eddie Mulholland / Getty Images)

Welcome, fellow travelers, to this week’s Doctor Who‘s Day roundup, a meticulously curated collection of stuff about Time Lords that has materialized on the internet over the last seven days (or thereabouts, sometimes we get excited).

And this week, we begin our trawl by going on a TARDIS-spotting expedition. That distinctive blue box has appeared in hundreds of locations all over the world, and this has not escaped the attention of ardent Whovians.

For example, in London, there is this slimline model:

Whereas Glasgow has a far swankier affair, the sort you’d expect to see the Sixth Doctor popping his head out of:

It looks like the Boneless have been up to their old tricks in Brooklyn:

Proof that the Doctor gets about:

And even the interior has popped up in some unexpected places, like the Glasgow Exhibition Post Office:

But for any Doctor Who fan, this has to be the best kind of TARDIS; a TARDIS of the mind:

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

• Rose Tyler and Captain Jack Harkness (OK, OK, Billie Piper and John Barrowman) met up at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo:

• Before the announcement of her new role in Doctor Who, Pearl Mackie‘s codename was revealed to be “Mean Town.” Radio Times found out why.

• Titan Comics artist Rachael Stott draws the Doctor and Bill:

• And YouTubers Cloister Productions created a version of the title sequence (in tribute to the “TARDIS in the time vortex” version from 10 years ago) welcoming Pearl Mackie:

• Throughout April, Doctor Who’s social media feeds have been celebrating the Silence (or at least, we think they have, it’s hard to remember), and they asked the VFX artist John Smith to draw some tallies, to help us all keep score:

• And here’s a TARDIS Index Files special on the topic:

• The Fifth Doctor and Turlough ride again:

David Tennant explained to Stephen Colbert why Shakespeare still matters:

• AND indulges in a little Who related wordplay:

• But, as he explained to Marvel fans, he’s not up with the latest developments in social media:

• Meanwhile, the Nerdist celebrates a decade of the deca-Doctor:

• While we put together 10 things you may not know about “New Earth,” his first big trip in the TARDIS with Rose.

• River Song goes even further back in the Doctor’s timeline:

Doctor Who: The Fan Show interviews Hilly and Hannah, the creators of The Hillywood Show:

• And ICYMI, their greatest Whovian moment, “The Time Warp”:

• For fans of a certain age, Doctor Who novelizations published by Target were the only way to access the earlier adventures, so this exhibition of cover art is suffused with a nostalgic glow:

• Which makes this spoof modern cover all the more glorious:

• Fancy a free adventure?

• And finally, there have been a flurry of fan-made Doctor Who trailers appearing on YouTube recently, that take a different view of the Doctors and his adventures. For starters, here’s a trailer that focuses on his companions:

• And here’s an even more specific view, a tribute to Amy Pond:

• And one that looks at the Doctor’s various tussles with alien invaders from the viewpoint of bystanders on Earth:

• And finally, the reason we’re all here; The Doctor himself, all of him:


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By Fraser McAlpine