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Woah, woah, woah, did Tom Hiddleston abandon his acting duties and get a new job as a weatherman?

Nah, the actor, whose latest, The Night Manager, premieres on AMC April 19, is just standing in at Fox News in Chicago temporarily. And he is acting, he predicts the weather as Loki.

He’s introduced as Thor’s brother. No sibling wants to be referred to as a second thought, versus his proper title, Loki the God of Fire (according to Norse mythology).

Maybe that set Loki off a bit, because he blames the tempestuous weather on his “brother from another mother, ” the God of Thunder, in the below clip:

We can look for more Hiddleston in the AMC premiere of The Night Manager on Tuesday, April 19 at 10/9c.

Who wouldn’t want to start each morning with Tom Hiddleston?

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By Brigid Brown