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Do you remember when Daniel Radcliffe swung by the Nylon office and pretended to be a receptionist? He killed it.

Now it’s Maisie Williams turn to team up with Nylon and prank some unsuspecting Game of Thrones fans.

Williams posed as a hobby shop clerk, offering some fun GoT swag. Customers who came in were caught off guard, basically exclaiming, “Uh, I know you. You’re Arya.” One of the best parts of the stunt was Williams acted just like herself, accent and all. She didn’t throw on some glasses to hide behind but played off her ruse as, “I’m not Maisie her, I’m Lorraine!”

The customers pretty much knew she was indeed the actress they suspected her to be but couldn’t quite figure out exactly why she was in the hobby shop. Even so, the visitors to the shop were keen to hang out with her, and even acted out GoT scenes in order to win the HBO giveaways (and stretch out their hang time with Arya).

You can check out the shenanigans in the below clip:

Game of Thrones makes its season return on April 24, 2016.

Did Maisie outprank Daniel? 

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By Brigid Brown