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Last year David Tennant had a chat with the “other” David, as in Letterman, on his late-night show. Tennant had to give Letterman a crash course in Doctor Who 101.

Just last night Tennant swung by Stephen Colbert‘s late night show for a catch up. Prior to the show starting, Colbert stopped into Tennant’s dressing room to welcome the actor. Colbert definitely knows Who, exclaiming, “When it comes to Doctor Whos, you were my favorite.” Tennant quizzically asks, “Favorite what?” With Colbert specifying, “Favorite Who.” Tennant pushes for further explanation, asking, “Favorite who what?”

Their below exchange is reminiscent of the Abbott and Costello skit “Who’s on First.”:

Who is your favorite (Doctor) Who? If you can choose!

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By Brigid Brown