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We’ve been shown props, teased with snatches of the script, and the fan mission to document almost every aspect of filming of Sherlock season four, aka #setlock, is underway.

There was just one thing missing: Sherlock.

Until now, that is. Last night showrunner Mark Gatiss posted this photo from the set, featuring the back of a rather familiar head:

Aaahhh! Can you see what we’re seeing? That’s right: what a lovely set of curtains.

No, you’re right. That turned-up collar can mean only one thing: Usher’s in the house. Kidding! OK, wait—we’ll stop messing around. Of course, it’s obvious. The one and only, His Royal Cumberness of Batch, otherwise known as Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch!

This photo is the latest in a series of hints and clues the production team has been leaving us in true Sherlock-style in recent weeks. It may not give much away about the new season, but that hasn’t stopped the Sherlock fandom from speculating. In particular they’ve been wondering if this longer hairstyle is in fact a wig, a debate that, though it wasn’t tabled at Britain’s Houses of Parliament, did reach Claire Pritchard, the production’s hair and make-up artist:

Those who are a dab hand with the photoshop wand tool got to work on the photo pretty pronto, with one fan turning Sherlock’s coat into that of Doctor Strange, a character Benedict went out dressed as only a week ago:


The game’s afoot, indeed…


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By Kat Sommers
Kat is a freelance writer for Anglophenia.