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Britney and Justin rocked the double denim in the '90s and now the casual look is back. (Photo: Getty Images)

Have you noticed where you live or from entertainment news that there’s a lot of double denim going on? Well, we have.

Ten years ago if you stepped out wearing jeans with a jean jacket you may have been called out for wearing a “Canadian Tuxedo,” a satirical yet affectionate term used to describe the casual look.

We understand trends repeat themselves, but it does make us wonder why this particular steez (style with ease) is making a comeback.

Taking a look back at the Spring 2015 runways, there were indeed a number of denim trends. It takes a minute for high-end fashion to hit the streets. Actually, longer than a minute, more like a year, and look where we are … heading into Spring 2016.

It’s one thing to look back, but we also want to look forward. We reached out to experts in the fashion industry who also specialize in denim.

When debating the renewed popularity of the casual look, we thought of Velvet by Graham and Spencer, a fashion line that embodies the laid-back luxe of L.A. style. Velvet has their own denim line, too.

We spoke to the brand’s PR & Social Media Director Lu (Lucy) Spriggs via email about the denim-on-denim look.

When asked about the casual look making a return, Lu responded, “I don’t know if it ever really went away (especially in parts of the states), but there’s definitely a resurgence of the denim-on-denim look on street style stars.”

While we had her attention it made us wonder if she was keen on the look, with her commenting, “I love a Canadian Tuxedo! It can look gorgeous, but it can also look a bit mental.”

Yes, a jean-on-jean look can be a bit much, with Lu offering some ways to pull it off and not look like a sheet of denim walking down the street. “I think the best way to wear it is with a mix of materials and colors rather than a head-to-toe look in the same hue,” she suggests. “A contrast of silhouettes keeps it contemporary, perhaps an oversized pale blue chambray shirt with a pair of indigo skinnies, for example. Or a slim-fitting true blue denim shirt with a pair of cropped boot cut jeans (with the season’s ubiquitous frayed hem).”

In terms of whether or not the runways are driving the look, Lu was torn, saying, “Yes and no. The ’70s vibe seen on the runway over the last few seasons has definitely influenced it to a certain degree. I’m thinking of Alessandro Michele at Gucci and Clare Waight Keller at Chloe. While they haven’t sent classic Canadian Tuxedos down the runway per se, the ’70s look is very much their jam and the denim-on-denim look taps into that. I also think street style drives trends just as much these days, and this trend is driven by that.”

So, we weren’t wrong: It’s a mix of style seen on the runway that hits the street and ultimately lands in the mainstream fashion pool.

With that said, let’s take a peek at denim-on-denim street style spotted on Instagram:

Denim on denim has never looked so good! #canadiantuxedo

A photo posted by Corona del Mar High School ASB (@cdmasb) on

Some runway looks don’t necessarily translate to the street:

(Photo: Getty Images)
(Photo: Getty Images)

We also had a virtual conversation with U.K. based writer Lorna Burford, who runs The Jeans Blog. Lorna pointed us in the direction of her post on how to wear denim. She didn’t stop there: She also investigated a triple denim outfit

Lorna definitely agrees the look is making a return, saying, “The past few years have really shown how fashionable and amazing double denim can be. We are seeing it on celebs everywhere, people in the streets and even on the catwalks. I would say when it comes to denim, it’s one of the most popular trends there is.”

She’s keen on the look and wears it herself, explaining, “I would be lying if I didn’t say it was my favorite denim trend. I love wearing denim shirts and jeans together or in the summer it’s a denim shirt with denim shorts. You will often catch me in the combination. I’ve even been known to do triple or quadruple denim too!”

On the other hand, she doesn’t give full credit to the runways kicking off the trending, saying, “I think it’s the general love of denim and the street style photos you see of fashion bloggers or celebrities. A lot of them are responsible for doing double denim and this was seen long before the runways started catching onto the trend. The runways might be responsible for making it more in the public eye by the likes of Vogue or Women’s Wear Daily, but it’s definitely been a hot favorite among us denim lovers for a long while before.”

As mentioned above, it’s not just street style. Celebs who have access to clothing galore are opting to rock the casual look:

We’re including this vintage look because it’s too good not to:

Alec Baldwin went all denim on the soap opera The Doctors in the early 1980s. (Photo: NBC)
Alec Baldwin on The Doctors. (NBC)

There you have it, denim-on-denim is officially back! 

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By Brigid Brown