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(Photo: YouTube)

A man made his way through a NYC subway car asking for donations. He was trying to collect money to fund a time machine he’s building, reports Gizmodo.

The commuters looked at him in awe, with some giggling in appreciation of his craftiness. Someone even chipped in a dollar.

Things took a turn when another man entered the train. He looked just like the man trying to fund his time machine, but his hair had grown out. The second man exclaimed, “Do not give this man any money. I am from the future, and I can tell you it is bleak.”

He addresses the aspiring inventor, saying, “David. I am you,” and begs him not to build the time machine because bad things will happen.

It didn’t stop there, more people from the future arrived to address their past selves.

A train goer asked, “Are you guys like a twin act or something like that?” And then that same person’s future self turned up.

You can decide for yourself by watching the below clip:

If you’re scratching your head and curious how this all came about, you can read more about the behind-the-scenes here.

How would you have reacted if you were in that train car? 

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By Brigid Brown