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The demise of Downton Abbey has left a big stately-home-sized hole in our hearts—but fear not! Julian Fellowes has not forsaken us entirely.

His new drama Doctor Thorne starts this Sunday in the U.K., and, with a star-studded cast including Ian McShane, Alison Brie and Tom Hollander, looks set to become an international hit just like its predecessor.

Adapted from a book by Anthony Trollope, the three-parter centers on the eponymous Dr. Thorne (Rev‘s Tom Hollander), who lives with his penniless niece Mary (played by the gloriously named Stefanie Martini).

Now for the Downton-esque details: there’s a Lady Arabella (Rebecca Front), who discovers to her horror that her son Frank (Harry Richardson) is in love with Mary and does everything she can, even borrow more money from the ruthless Sir Roger Scatcherd (Ian McShane), to make Frank marry someone with money, specifically a young, rich heiress recently arrived from the States, Miss Martha Dunstable (Alison Brie).

Phew. How’s that for checking all the period drama boxes?

A U.S. release date for Doctor Thorne has yet to be announced. Do we feel a hashtag coming on?

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By Kat Sommers
Kat is a freelance writer for Anglophenia.