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Adele performing at Manchester Arena on March 8, 2016. (Photo: Getty Images)

We already knew we loved Adele, but this is taking it to a new level.

Adele recently performed on March 8 at Manchester Arena with 20,000 fans in attendance. From the below video it appears to be an intimate affair, but that’s because were viewing it from seats up close to the small stage.

Nearing the end of the sold out show, Adele spotted a young girl holding a sign that read, “It’s my dream to sing with Adele.”

And what did Adele do? She said to the girl, “Okay, just come on stage then.”

Emily Tammam, 12, who was with her father, made her way up to the stage. Adele handed her the microphone, letting Emily sing the first verse of “Someone Like You” on her own. The two then collaborated, as seen in the below clip:

Emily’s father said his daughter struggles in social situations due to her being diagnosed with autism and ADHD, but she’s perfectly comfortable singing. He had a brief moment of concern when she headed to the stage, telling the Manchester Evening Standard, “I was sat there thinking ‘Oh my god.’ Emily went up quite happily, she loves singing. She sings every day of her life.”

He gave praise to Adele and summed up the takeaway for his daughter, saying, “Adele was very nice to do that, she clearly didn’t have to do it. Emily said she wants to show people who have disabilities or mental issues that they can still do mainstream things like singing. They should not be stopped from doing them.”

Emily more than held her own on stage and really got her stride by the last verse.

You can read more about Emily’s story over at the Manchester Evening News.

What do you think of this random act of kindness?

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By Brigid Brown