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No, no, David Tennant did not paint himself in blue and stand stick still holding a police box sign (but we do enjoy the mental image.)

When we say he impersonated the TARDIS, Tennant attempts to make the sounds heard during takeoff and landing.

If you need a quick reminder, here’s what the actual TARDIS sounds like:

The Radio Times caught a listen to Tennant as the Doctor talking to Catherine Tate‘s character Donna Noble about the TARDIS in a new Doctor Who audio series.

Donna described the sound the TARDIS makes as “fizzling in,” but the Doctor corrects her, exclaiming, “The TARDIS doesn’t fizzle! It … (insert sound).”

You can check out Tennant’s amazing sound effects over at RadioTimes.

This isn’t the first time the Doctor was so inclined to make the TARDIS sound.

Matt Smith gave it a go in this clip over at YouTube.

If not a fizzle, maybe a staticky gargle? A supersonic car engine revving up? A key running up and down piano keys?

How would you describe the sound?

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By Brigid Brown