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(Photo: Chocolatician)

It was just 11 months ago when Benedict Cumberbatch got a chocolate makeover, with a life-size statue of his likeness being recreated with 40,000 grams (169 cups) of melted chocolate after 250 man-hours.

If that weren’t enough to fuel the Cumberbatch Collective’s daydreams with new material, now he’s been turned into a chocolate bunny.

Yes, bunny.

The folks over at Chocolatician have come up with an Easter-inspired sculpture, with the edible concept being described by the shop as, “A delicious Belgian chocolate rabbit with a handsome face and a tasty bottom.”

The original chocolate Benedict was a one-off and ultimately put on display at a U.K. shopping center, but it wasn’t for sale.

This time around, the edible bunnies are available to the public, starting at £50 ($70). That might sound hefty, but apparently the 400g bunny lasts for six months.

Just think, you can take a nibble, pat him on the head, tell him your secrets or whatever your heart desires, every night before going to bed.

The Chocolatician has shared some delightful snaps of the unique treat:

What do you think of the Cumberbunny? 

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By Brigid Brown