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David Boreanaz and Sarah Michelle Gellar in 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' in 1998. (Photo: Getty Images)

10. Miami Vice
Hot weather attracts hot people. We get a bird’s eye view of 1980s Miami in the police drama’s intro set to Jan Hammer‘s iconic, chart-topping theme. In between scans of the ocean, the opening features flamingos, jai alai players, wind surfers, fancy cars, and fancy people lounging poolside.

9. True Detective
Set to the Handsome Family’s “Far from Any Road,” the opening sequence for the first season of True Detective features outlines of the cast members filled with images of gritty industrial vistas. The second season intro, set to Leonard Cohen‘s “Nevermind,” is just as visually arresting.

8. American Horror Story
The first season of American Horror Story caught us off guard, with the opening credits revealing terrifying photos of “peculiar” children, a decrepit house, jarred fetuses, and bloody instruments. The intros for subsequent seasons supplied different visuals set to the same haunting theme.

7. Dexter
Michael C. Hall starred in the title role as a serial killer who kills bad guys in Dexter. The opening credits get uncomfortably up close and personal with Dexter.

6. The Six Million Dollar Man
The Six Million Dollar Man was ahead of its time for 1974, creating a bionic man with advanced technology mapped out in the intro.

5. Game of Thrones
The innovative intro for Game of Thrones takes us through Westeros (and beyond) and the growing kingdoms through a three-dimensional map with models that spring up from the ground. The opening credits may change depending on what area is featured in that particular episode.

4. Doctor Who
The fast-paced theme to Doctor Who, which has seen many variations in its 53-year history, gets us amped up for the show to start. The most recent intro takes us through the mechanics of time travel.

3. Hawaii Five-O
The Hawaii Five-O intro feels like the beginning of the episode. We see a bit of dialogue but then it goes straight into the opening credits with a roaring wave. Oh yes, we’re in Hawaii.

2. The Prisoner
We get a tour of London with a smartly dressed British secret agent driving a Lotus 7 in the opening credits of The Prisoner. The 1960s series follows a retired a British agent, who is taken prisoner, and is known as Number Six.

1. The Avengers
No, not Marvel’s motley crew. The 1960s TV series The Avengers most famously starred Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg as secret agent John Steed and his assistant Emma Peel, respectively. Rigg shoots open a champagne bottle with a gold pistol, held by Macnee in the opening credits. Better the bottle than aiming for his bowler hat.

What is your No. 1 choice?

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By Brigid Brown