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Jimmy Kimmel did his best to get together an ER reunion on his late-night show, but most of the cast members were tied up.

George Clooney, who’s no chopped liver, made it to the show. But when he asked for a scalpel as Dr. Doug Ross, no one was on hand to pass the instrument.

Kimmel was in the scene, acting like the patient, and he broke character to explain to Clooney the situation. The other actors had prior commitments like filming conflicts, Taco Tuesday with family, jury duty, and so on. Kimmel offered to reschedule, but Clooney was having none of that.

Clooney wasn’t left completely hanging. Thank goodness, Dr. Gregory House, a.k.a. Hugh Laurie, was able to fill in:

We can look forward to seeing more of Laurie in the AMC series The Night Manager, opposite Tom Hiddleston, Tom Hollander and Olivia Colman.

Clooney is set to star in the Coen brothers’ film Hail, Caesar!, premiering on February 5. The all-star cast also includes Ralph Fiennes, Josh Brolin, Tilda Swinton, Scarlett Johansson, Channing Tatum, Dolph Lundgren, Jonah Hill, Christopher Lambert and Frances McDormand.

If Kimmel doesn’t have his SAG card at this point, he should. He’s definitely a good sport, stepping into scenes.

What do you think of the no-shows’ excuses?

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By Brigid Brown