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(Photo: Getty Images)

Budweiser was smart to recruit Dame Helen Mirren to have a chat with people planning to partake in Super Bowl festivities (February 7), because she doesn’t mince words.

Mirren is very self-aware when introducing herself, saying in the below commercial, “Hello. I’m Helen Mirren. A notoriously frank and uncensored British lady.”

She is completely dumbfounded that people still drive drunk, risking their own and other people’s lives. We could attempt to paraphrase her views, but really, she does quite a nice job of summing it all up in the below:

If you watched the video and are now wondering what a “pillock” is, the British slang word loosely translates to, “someone who has done something not so smart.”

You really don’t want to get on Mirren’s bad side, so let’s all keep our head on straight.

What do you think of Mirren’s straightforwardness?

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By Brigid Brown