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Taylor Swift has become the latest female musician to lend her support to fellow pop singer Kesha, donating $250,000 to help with “any of her financial needs,” according to a report by The Fader.

Fans and celebrities have been coming out in force to support Kesha in the wake of her request to be released from her contract with Sony Records being denied.

Last week a judge ruled there had been “no showing of irreparable harm” to Kesha’s career, forcing her to continue working with Sony and Dr. Luke, the producer she is suing for sexual and emotional abuse. (Dr. Luke has released a statement responding to Kesha’s allegations.)

The ruling prompted dozens of Kesha’s fans to congregate outside the court house where the hearing took place, and hundreds more took to Twitter to protest using #FreeKesha, which in turn prompted artists like Lorde and Ariana Grande to pledge their support.

Lily Allen tweeted Kesha directly:

Demi Lovato had this to say:

And even Lady Gaga took time out from bleaching her eyebrows to tweet this:

Miley Cyrus, Margaret Cho and Fiona Apple, who had her own face-off with Sony Records 11 years ago, all shared their support with their followers on Instagram.

It’s not the first time TayTay’s pledged her support for other musicians; her much-publicized spat with technology giant Apple last year was on behalf of the “writers, producers” and “indie artists” who would not initially be paid when their music was included in Apple Music.

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By Kat Sommers
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