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Peter Capaldi and the new sonic screwdriver. (Photo: BBC)

Welcome to the Doctor Who’s Day roundup, a weekly bag of fourth-dimensional treats, sweets and allsorts (jelly babies optional).

Anyone need any shelves putting up? Although it debuted onscreen at the end of the Season 9 finale “Hell Bent,” we haven’t yet been given a proper close-up look at the Doctor’s brand-new sonic screwdriver. That changed last week, however, when the official Doctor Who Twitter account treated us (tweated us?) to some long-awaited new promotional shots featuring Peter Capaldi:

Okay, so we’re a way off any new episodes being filmed with it… but doesn’t it just give you that little frisson of excitement?

Here’s what else has been happening in time and space this week:

• Over the Valentine’s Day weekend, Twitter reminded us of some of the show’s best couples:

• The Metro, meanwhile, compiled this list of the top 10 kisses in recent Who memory.

• And Tumblr artists everywhere were coming up with their own themed Valentine’s cards. Here are two of our favorites:

• But it’s not all flowers and joy; over on Youtube our hearts were shattered by this compilation of 10 of the Doctor’s saddest farewells to his companions:

• Here’s our list of 10 things you may not have known about the 2005 story “Aliens of London.”

• And a behind-the-scenes flashback to Peter Capaldi‘s chilling “ghost” appearance in last year’s “Under the Lake.”

• Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith can currently be seen in the movie Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, and gave an interview to the Empire podcast in which he also discusses his past on Who.

• Oh, and in case you were wondering if bow ties were still cool? Here’s Matt on the red carpet for the BAFTA film awards in London on Sunday February 14 with the answer:

Doctor Who: The Fan Show this week took a look at spinoff audio adventures, interviewing both professional and amateur makers:

• And in a bonus episode, impressionist Christopher Thomson gives us some hints on how to voice Patrick Troughton, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi:

• A mightily impressive undertaking, this: designer Andrew-Mark Thompson has created a retro book cover for every single Doctor Who story ever. Newer stories that never had a Target novelization have been done in that style, while the classics have been given new logos and covers to fit the decades in which they were produced.

• In further “alternate reality” news, here’s an interesting glimpse into ten planned Doctor Who episodes that were ultimately never made:

• And finally, we never cease to be amazed by the different uses that people find for old TARDISes — sorry, police boxes — and it seems that in Glasgow, a popular option is to turn them into cafes. For several years, there was a police box cafe named “Coppuccino” in the city — now since closed down — and now a new popup has arrived named “Brew Box.” Proprietor Laura Cammeron has been happy to play up the Who connection (the cafe’s Facebook page gives its address as “The Tardis, Wilson Street”), and it’s also apparently the city’s first “zero waste” cafe. Geeky and environmentally conscious? We like that.


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By Seb Patrick