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Star Who, anyone? (Photos: Lucasfilm/BBC)

Welcome to the Doctor Who’s Day roundup, a cornucopia of temporal trivia and spacey stuff that we’ve unearthed from the internet over the past seven days.

And this week we’ve mainly been marveling at the ways in which fandoms can be overlaid on one another, and create spellbinding results. Lots of people saw this fan-made trailer, earlier in the week, in which the last nine seasons of Doctor Who were given the Star Wars: The Force Awakens treatment:

The video’s creator VG934 said: “Being the huge Doctor Who and Star Wars fan that I am, how could I resist the chance to bring these two massive franchises together? Well sort of bring them together, let’s call it Who Wars.
Some may call me late to the party but I must remind you that a Wizard is never late, nor is he early – he arrives precisely when he means to. Alas, I’m no Wizard, but the same principle applies.”

Adding wizards too? That’s going to cause nothing but trouble.

Then there was this, from Theta Sigma Productions, applying the same treatment to “The Day of the Doctor”:

Which came after this similar affair from Gallifreyforever97 back in November:

And they’re ALL great. Which serves to prove that John Williams‘s Star Wars score is a thing of deathless beauty and so is Doctor Who.

Also out this week, we can add this trailer for “Asylum of the Daleks,” made as if it was the trailer for Suicide Squad:

And bringing things even closer to home, here’s a trailer for Doctor Who Season Two, as if it was the trailer for Season Nine:

Now all we need is some wizards, and we’re really cooking!

Here’s what else is going on in space and time this week:

• Huge congratulations go to Steven Moffat, who received his OBE medal (Officer of the Order of the British Empire) from the Prince of Wales on Friday (February 4):

Steven Moffat (Photo: Yui Mok /Getty Images)
Steven Moffat (Photo: Yui Mok /Getty Images)

• 10 things you may not know about “The Unquiet Dead,” in which the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler meet Charles Dickens in 19th century Cardiff.

A Monster File on the Silurians and other branches of the homo reptilia family tree.

• Attack of the Procrastinatrix:

The Doctor Who Twitter feed has been putting up beguiling color pictures from the set of old black-and-white adventures of the 1960s, like this from “Marco Polo”:

• And this from “The Aztecs”:

• The Doctor pops up in the most unexpected places:

• The War Doctor grilled by Doctor Who Magazine:

What’s it like to be a Doctor Who costume designer?

Matt Smith is 100 percent behind Chris Chibnall as the new showrunner:

• The Doctor and Clara taking a stroll in the forest of London:

Doctor Who: The Fan Show explores the possibility that some of the monsters from the show’s past could end up in the new spin-off show Class:

• Hello, can I help you?

Peter Capaldi filming the fantastic Heaven Sent! #DoctorWho #DrWho #whovian #fandom #BTS #BehindTheScenes

A photo posted by Doctor Who Official (@bbcdoctorwho) on

• A 3D printed TARDIS:

• And finally, as we’ve been looking at fan-made tributes to the show: How about this beautiful summation of the last nine seasons, “Doctor Who: The Lonely God” made with evident love by TheGaroStudios?


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By Fraser McAlpine