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Some might say, “Seen one zombie movie, seen ’em all.” With Pride and Prejudice and Zombies hitting theaters today (February 5), we’d have to disagree. The mash-up between Jane Austen‘s 19th century novel about relationships and the fan favorite genre is sure to offer a unique look at squashing the undead.

That makes us wonder, what else is available in zombie-land?

Let’s dig into these 10 titles available in one place:

1. The Walking Dead
AMC’s The Walking Dead kicked off in 2010, and it’s still going strong. The critically acclaimed series revolves around Sheriff Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and a group of survivors fighting off zombies. They’re forced to figure out how to live in a changed world.

Watch The Walking Dead on Netflix.

2. State of Emergency
We just experienced a State of Emergency in NYC due to the snowfall. The 2011 film State of Emergency earned its name for different reasons. A chemical plant explodes in a small town releasing a cocktail of the unknown, turning the infected into, well, the infected. A young couple (Jay Hayden, Tori White) makes an escape but is soon separated.

Watch State of Emergency on Netflix.

3. The Colony
Okay, in this case, the characters in 2013’s The Colony do have a problem with snow. It’s 2045, and the sun no longer shines. It started snowing one day, and it never stopped. The survivors of an apocalypse seem to manage, sustaining on the food and medical supplies available. Life is disrupted when one of the colony groups gets an S.O.S. message from another group. When they turn up to offer aid, they find bloodshed. The film stars Laurence Fishburne, Kevin Zegers, Bill Paxton, and Charlotte Sullivan.

Watch The Colony on Netflix.

4. Antisocial
Spending too much time on social media could make you isolated. But if there’s an outbreak turning people into zombies, you may be better off on your own. In 2013’s Antisocial, social media platforms spread the word that something is amiss. The film focuses on five friends at a pre-New Year’s Eve party, safely in their bubble, who come to the realization the world outside is changing. The horror flick stars Michelle Mylett, Cody Ray Thompson, Adam Christie, Ana Alic, and Romaine Waite.

Watch Antisocial on Netflix.

5. The Returned
The 2013 film The Returned is set in the 1980s. A plague has spread, killing off millions of people. Researchers have been able to come up with a kind of anecdote to stave off the zombie-like symptoms for survivors who have been infected. The problem is, they’re running out of the medicine. In The Returned, a married couple (Emily Hampshire, Kris Holden-Reid), suspected of being infected, goes on the run to avoid being persecuted.

Watch The Returned on Netflix.

6. Mummy, I’m a Zombie
The zombie genre even comes in pint-size. This animated tale tells the story of teenager Dixie Grim, who is so very popular. Apparently being too popular can take you to the dark side. Dixie had already been turned into a zombie in the prequel Daddy, I’m a Zombie. This time around, she’s been recruited to help bring peace between the living and the dead.

Watch Mummy, I’m a Zombie on Netflix.

7. Burying the Ex
Anton Yelchin
(Star Trek) and Ashley Greene (Twilight) play a loved-up couple, Max and Evelyn, in this 2014 zombie comedy. Max wants to break up with Evelyn but can’t bring himself to do it. It turns out he doesn’t have to because she’s accidentally killed by a bus. Even though he was going to end it, he’s now suffering a love-loss. He was in mourning, until she clawed her way out of the grave to return to him. Evelyn thinks they’re still an item, even though her skin is falling off.

Watch Burying the Ex on Netflix.

8. The Walking Deceased
The Walking Deceased plays off of the AMC title The Walking Dead. The 2015 spoof of the zombie genre begins when a chef refrains from washing his hands before serving a meal, releasing a lethal strand of germs. Sheriff Lincoln (David Sheridan) wakes up in a hospital to learn the community has become overrun with zombies. He fights his way through the chaos to find his family.

Watch The Walking Deceased on Netflix.

9. Z Nation
The 2014 TV series Z Nation starts off three years after an outbreak turning those infected into zombies. There’s only one human (Keith Allan) who survived the plague untouched, due to a vaccine he had been given prior to the zombie apocalypse. The plan is to get him to a lab where he can donate his blood.

Watch Z Nation on Netflix. 

10. iZombie
The 2015 TV series iZombie follows medical resident Olivia (Rose McIver). She’s turned into a zombie but continues her life as usual. She finds herself working in a morgue, where she can dine on brains of cadavers (guilt-free). The thing is, after feasting, she starts to pick up the memories of the people who unfortunately find themselves laying on a gurney. Olivia now has insight as to how they died and can help with crime solving. 

Watch iZombie on Netflix.

Are you looking forward to Matt Smith in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies?

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By Brigid Brown