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Just last week Kate Winslet was talking about the heartbreaking scene in Titanic when her character Rose kind of hogged the floating door as a life raft.

She told Jimmy Kimmel on his late night show that there was clearly room for Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Jack to hop on. This is something we’ve all been thinking for years: couldn’t they have taken turns?

Now, Andrew Lincoln is looking back on his role as Mark in Love Actually. At first Mark seemed put off and annoyed by his best friend’s (Chiwetel Ejiofor) new wife Juliet (Keira Knightley). But it turns out it was actually the opposite. He was in love with her, hence why he acted so odd.

We all remember when Mark showed up on Juliet’s doorstep and professed his love using oversized index cards:

The thing is, even Lincoln had doubts about this storyline when going into the film, telling The Wrap, “He is a stalker.”

Okay, we wouldn’t necessarily go that far. It’s not like he was hiding in bushes.

Lincoln goes on to elaborate, saying, “That was my question to Richard Curtis, ‘Do you think we’re sort of borderline stalker territory here?’ And he said, ‘No, no. Not with you playing it, darling. You’ll be alright.'”

What was your takeaway from that scene?

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By Brigid Brown