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Caltech’s Institute for Quantum Information and Matter believes anyone can grapple with the concepts of quantum mechanics, including comedic genius Paul Rudd.  

Keanu Reeves narrates the Caltech short film Anyone Can Quantum, based in the year 2716. The future is “most excellent,” according to Future Reeves, but it almost wasn’t. For the sake of mankind, Reeves sends a message back to Rudd to make sure he doesn’t let a life-changing scientific opportunity slip by.

A sleepy Rudd wakes up to a message from Reeves 700 years in the future prompting him to RSVP to an event at Caltech. Rudd calls the contact number and offers to speak at the engagement, but Dr. Stephen Hawking is already confirmed to give the keynote address. The actor doesn’t take the news lightly and suggests besting Hawking at a game of quantum chess.

The winner then gets to give the speech.

Rudd gets a hold of Hawking by asking “Siri” to “Call Stephen Hawking.” The two get on the phone, do a little trash talk, and then it’s game on (Rudd doesn’t know what GMT means. He may need some catching up):

Anyone up for a game of quantum chess? 

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By Brigid Brown