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Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams swung by the London Film Critics’ Circle Awards on Sunday (January 17), where she won Young British Performer of the Year for her role in The Falling, reports Time.

The Upcoming caught up with Williams prior to the event, covering a number of topics including her role in The Falling, working on Game of Thrones, and of course, whether or not Jon Snow (Kit Harington) will return for season six.

Williams wasn’t fazed by the GoT prodding, understanding people care about Snow’s fate, saying, “I feel so mean because I speak to people and they’re all like, ‘Jon Snow, is he back?’ And it’s like really heartbreaking because people are like, ‘Yeah, but he’s coming back though?'”

It’s one of those situations: don’t ask the question, because you may not like the answer.

There is a slight spoiler below, so please stop reading if you don’t want to know.

As Time points out, the show isn’t returning until April 24, but some people seem to enjoy the guessing game while we wait.

Williams can’t really give a direct answer to the Snow question, but she does drop a doozy of a hint, saying in the below clip (3:04), “It’s a great twist, but I can’t say he’s going to be alive.”

Are you guys thinking what we’re thinking: zombie Jon Snow?

What do you think of his possible return as the undead (this is pure speculation)?

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By Brigid Brown