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It’s not Tom Hiddleston’s birthday, but he still dons his one-day-of-the-year “suit” in new High-Rise photos.

Why? Well, why not? He’s living the life as Dr. Robert Laing in the ultra-pampered community featured in director Ben Wheatley‘s thriller and apparently “no shirt, no service” doesn’t pertain here:

(Photo: BFI)
(Photo: BFI)

We have to admit that there are other photos, but this one caught our attention.

Here’s a look at Hiddleton in character, more buttoned-up:

(Photo: BFI)
(Photo: BFI)

Of course it makes us wonder: why is our Hiddles so gloomy? As we’ve talked about in earlier posts, living the high life isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.

Hiddleston recently tweeted a new poster for the film.

Look closely. Notice anything in the reflection?:

The film will premiere in the U.S. on April 28.

Would you want Tom Hiddleston as a neighbor? 




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By Brigid Brown