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It’s funny how this has never come up before?

Correction: people mispronouncing Saoirse Ronan‘s name probably happens on a daily basis, but not necessarily in a headline-making way.

That was until Ryan Gosling stepped in to save the day.

Gosling cast Ronan in his 2014 film Lost River, and it appears the two are still friendly.

When presenting Ronan with the New Hollywood Award at the Hollywood Film Awards this past November, Gosling clarified how to pronounce the Irish actress’s name, saying, “It’s Ser-sha, like inertia.”

It makes us think of the Irish name Aoife. If you don’t already know how it’s pronounced, you may never get there if just seeing it in writing. It’s actually said out loud like “Eef-ah.”

If you’re wondering about the pronunciation of the above names, the short answer is: they’re Gaelic.

Gosling’s helper bee moment is coming up now because Ronan saw a sign with the mnemonic scrawled across it. And she wanted to give thanks.

Ronan explained how word spread, saying at the 2016 Palm Springs International Film Festival this past Saturday (January 2), “Someone sent me a photo two weeks later of a cinema in Minnesota, and on the sign in the front it said Brooklyn and then underneath it said, ‘Ser-sha, Like Inertia,”‘ reports People.

“I couldn’t believe it!,” said Ronan. “They actually put it on the front of the cinema, so the power of Ryan Gosling is stronger than anything else.”

She even went so far as refer to him as being “like a blond Canadian Jesus.”

Thanks, Ryan. now we know.

Do you have a name people mispronounce? How do you handle it?

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By Brigid Brown