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Alan Rickman (Photo: Tristan Fewings / Getty Images)

Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day roundup. A gallimaufry of Gallifreyan gubbins that has mysteriously appeared across the Internet over the past week, most which will be of particular interest to the Whovian hordes.

This week, we begin with a sad thought. Last week, there was the news of the death of Alan Rickman. Always a firm favorite among Anglophenia readers (literally, he won the first of our annual Fan Favorites competitions, and was the outright winner of another vote, to find the British equivalent to Kevin Bacon), his death was a blow to international fandoms of all stripes.

One interesting thought that has emerged within a great interview that Russell T Davies (who just won an Outstanding Contribution trophy at the Writers’ Guild awards) has given to the Guardian this week, in which he drops the bombshell that Doctor Who tried to get Alan Rickman to make a guest appearance “so often.”

So that’s one of the finest actors in the world (who has a particular ability to play cruelly sardonic but vulnerable bad guys with an affection for the sound of their own voice) being repeatedly offered a role in Doctor Who. But which role? Surely there can be only one.

So, in tribute to the passing of a great man, let’s just pause a moment to consider how astonishing a Rickman Master may have been.

I know, right?

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

10 things you may not know about Rose, the story that relaunched Doctor Who.

Peter Capaldi likes to do impressions of the Doctor’s former selves:

• And he would not mind a cameo role in the Doctor Who spinoff Class either:

• Creating a new story with the writers of Season 9:

• The Doctor Who site unveils Making Who, a repository of knowledge about how the show is made.

Christopher Eccleston invites everyone to help raise awareness of the potential future treatment of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease:

Doctor Who composer Murray Gold on creating new music for a ballet of Snow White.

• 53 years of TARDIS desktop themes:

• Here’s the Tenth Doctor as a cat:

• How well do you remember the Eleventh Doctor? Play this quiz and find out.

• Not all fan art is two-dimensional:

• A thorough examination of how Doctor Who has charted our fear of new technology.

• A lovely video from Jemma Redgrave about Kate Stewart:

• Spacewalks, cricket balls and a warning about reality TV all feature in the BBC Shop’s Who Diary, a roundup of of what was happening in Doctor Who on this week.

• And finally, let’s end with a summary. A summary of the entirety of Season 9 from comedian Jake Yapp, to be precise. Here’s Doctor Who: The Fan Show:


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By Fraser McAlpine