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River Song and the Tenth Doctor (Photo: BBC)

Note: Spoilers if you’ve not seen “The Husbands of River Song” yet. Oh, and naturally you can never say which of River’s moments are truly final, given her zigzag chronology in the Doctor Who storyline.

Having finally witnessed some of the events described by River Song in her final and impassioned speech to the Doctor during their very first (from his perspective) encounter in “Forest of the Dead”, it was only a matter of time (mere moments, as it happens) before some enterprising video editor put the images to the words in the form of a fan-made YouTube clip.

And here it is, courtesy of Lyndon Coleman. River Song explaining to the Tenth Doctor how she knew her final days were coming, and why she refused to allow him to sacrifice himself before they had even met, together with her relevant moments with the Twelfth Doctor, tears and all:

An unprecedented amount of tears across the universe, actually. To a level of measurement (drumroll) for which we’re going to need a bigger flowchart (TISH!).

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By Fraser McAlpine