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We are so looking forward to hanging with good ol’ Bridge again, and apparently Renee Zellweger feels the same way about returning for Bridget Jones’s Baby.

Zellweger, who portrayed Miss Jones in the first two films, will be returning to reprise the role created by Helen Fielding.

Jones is now 43, pregnant, and in between boyfriends. It’s not clear who the father is.

The American actress told Entertainment Weekly, “This is part of the new challenge, discovering where Bridget is in her new life.” She went on to say, “It feels like stepping back with an old friend.”

If you’re awkward at 25, you may still be awkward at 35, and now Jones is approaching 45, with Zellweger telling EW, “I think that’s her essence really, isn’t it? All of us do things in our personalities that we don’t outgrow.”

Colin Firth, who portrays the dapper Mr. Darcy, helped explain the dynamic of their relationship to EW, saying, “He’s known her since she was a child and I don’t think he loves her because there’s a reason to. I just think he does.”

So many readers and moviegoers relate to Bridget Jones and even say, “I’m just like her.” If you’re reading this and thinking, “Geez. Bridget Jones is still neurotic and unlucky in love?” all is not lost.

Sure, she and Mark Darcy knew each other as small children but there’s still a chance for love later in life (if things don’t work out with Darcy).

Patrick Dempsey is the new guy in town, by the name of Jack Qwant, and he describes his character’s first impression of Bridget, saying, “I think he’s astonished by her and is intrigued by her.”

It’s not 100 percent clear that Qwant is a love interest, but Firth described him as a rival in the Entertainment Weekly article.

You can check out the full article with interview and photos here.

Bridget Jones’s Baby hits U.S. theaters on September 16, 2016.

Are you cheering for Bridget Jones? 

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By Brigid Brown