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Daniel Radcliffe in 'Horns' (Photo: Dimension Films)

The life of the professional actor may seem like one long party in which Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmell and James Corden get you to play games while Graham Norton sets out the chairs for Truth or Dare and Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey argue in the kitchen over the pigs in blankets, but that’s not always (or ever) the case.

Sometimes, as Daniel Radcliffe found out, you find yourself throwing up antifreeze while wearing devil horns, and it’s not even a prank for YouTube.

Daniel explained to BBC News: “We were filming in Canada and no one told me that the water in the trailers coming out of the taps had got anti-freeze in to stop them freezing in the pipes overnight.

“There were no signs, so I just drank a glass of it, didn’t think anything of it and then about three hours later I felt a bit funny.”

That’s when the sickness started.

“It was three days of my body violently rejecting that anti-freeze. I just lay in bed for three days, with occasional trips to the toilet.”

This all occurred while Daniel was filming Horns, which, if you remember, was the movie in which he played a man suspected of murder, who also happened to have horns growing out of his forehead. And it seems they were stuck fast.

“What was great about the doctor coming to see me was I had the horns on at the time. I was sweating and a mess. The doctor came in and I was trying to explain ‘oh I’m sorry, I’ve got to look like this’.”

By which he meant the horns, obv.

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By Fraser McAlpine