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Doctor Who - 'The Doctor's Daughter' - Jenny (Photo: BBC)

The Doctor arrives in people’s lives with such force, and departs with such velocity, that it often feels as if he has left untold stories in his wake, tales we could pick up again, should he ever reappear.

So, as River Song is making a return this Christmas, here are a few of the notable people we’d like to hear a bit more from. Some have stories that feel unfinished, while others made such a deep impression it would be lovely to see how they’ve been getting on since (or even before) the TARDIS first arrived in their immediate vicinity:


Somewhere out in the wilds of space and time, there is a clone daughter of the Doctor, blessed with his genetic code and sense of adventure, but without the other vital qualities that a true Time Lord possesses (according to the Doctor, at any rate). At the end of “The Doctor’s Daughter” we see her flying off into adventure, but as yet we’ve heard nothing of her exploits, and the idea of the Doctor coming across this most eloquent and active strand of his DNA is a very appealing one. And on that note…

Susan Foreman

Last seen having been gathered up from her time stream and delivered to Gallifrey as part of “The Five Doctors,” Susan (the Doctor’s granddaughter and first traveling companion) was widely believed to have died, possibly in the Time War. We don’t really know what happened, and as Gallifrey now appears to be back, there’s a chance she’s still around. Or maybe she appears later in the Doctor’s time stream than he does in hers.

Shona McCullough

Doctor Who - 'Last Christmas' - Shona (Photo: BBC)
Doctor Who – ‘Last Christmas’ – Shona (Photo: BBC)

Of all the people whose dreams had been invaded in “Last Christmas,” Shona’s story was the one that left a sharp taste in the mouth. Gifted with Donna Noble-esque powers of bristling, complaining and lack of comprehension, she was the one who so desperately wanted to meet up with her fellow dream-travelers once they had woken up, and the one who woke up alone in a messy flat, feeling a little bit sad. Her things to do list ended with “Forgive Dave,” which she ticked off with a sigh. What she needs is a Doctor.

Sam Swift

What we know of Sam Swift after he was saved by Ashilr/Lady Me’s spare medical chip (the one that granted her immortality) in “The Woman Who Lived” is that he may or may not have been granted immortality. He doesn’t last as long as she does, that’s for sure, but that’s not to say there isn’t a 21st century Sam Swift working in UNIT, or for Torchwood, or even continuing a life of petty crime and stand-up comedy. It would be fun to find out for sure.

Captain Jack Harkness

Because which of us, hand on heart, believes that the Doctor is destined never again to meet up with the other functionally immortal being in his life? And if Captain Jack were to ever run into Ashildr/Lady Me, well the conversation could last for decades.

Emma Grayling

Doctor Who - 'Hide' - Emma Grayling (Photo: BBC)
Doctor Who – ‘Hide’ – Emma Grayling (Photo: BBC)

She may be affiliated to Professor Alec Palmer (a very human equivalent to the Doctor, albeit one without the chip of ice in his heart), but psychic Emma is a potential companion to the real thing. As we saw in “Hide,” she won’t put up with any of his nonsense, she is clearly strong enough and capable enough to see off all manner of alien attack, and she is well used to a life of entering strange rooms that contain things you might not be able to see. Even if she turns out to be someone the Doctor can visit when he needs a bit of mind-reading done, she’d be of great use to him.

Joan Redfern

One of the few humans to encounter the Doctor with a very clear idea of the chaos that travels in his wake—and the consequences of his meddling—Joan had washed her hands of the Tenth Doctor for not being as worthy of her affection as his human counterpart, John Smith (“The Family of Blood”). It would be fascinating to find out how an older Joan, having seen the boys in her care go off to fight in the First World War and in many cases not return, might reconsider her view of him. And as the Twelfth Doctor is a more furiously combative character than his predecessor, it’s a fair bet she’d find a way to take him down a peg or two, too.


There’s no particular reason why Romana shouldn’t still be alive and on Gallifrey, given that the Time War saw the Time Lords resurrect some of the finest members of the high council (of which she was a leader), including Rassilon, creator of the Time Lords. Of course, there’s no reason why she should be alive either, but if she is, a regenerated Romana might have a few words to say to the man who blew up, saved and exiled her home planet to the furthest reaches of time.


Doctor Who - 'Mummy on the Orient Express' - Perkins (Photo: BBC)
Doctor Who – ‘Mummy on the Orient Express’ – Perkins (Photo: BBC)

There’s something intriguing about people who are offered the chance to go off traveling with the Doctor and then turn it down. In “Mummy on the Orient Express,” Perkins seemed to have twigged what kind of person the Doctor was from the very start, almost as if he had had prior experience of dealing with Time Lords. Even if he hadn’t, the Doctor has a way of revisiting the people he trusts enough to offer a ride, and sometimes—Osgood being a perfect example—they may even get a second chance to say yes.

And finally…

Clara Oswald

Doctor Who - 'Hell Bent' - Clara Oswald (Photo: BBC)
Doctor Who – ‘Hell Bent’ – Clara Oswald (Photo: BBC)

Yes, yes, yes we’ve only just said goodbye to her. But she headed off back to Gallifrey—to her certain death—in a stolen TARDIS with Ashildr/Me in tow and promised to go the long way round. So that’s one canny former companion of the Doctor’s with no heartbeat and one immortal with a heart that can’t stop. They will certainly get up to no good as they perambulate their way homewards, and frankly it would be rather grand to find out (at some point) how they’re getting along.

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By Fraser McAlpine