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Justin Bieber (left) and James Corden get makeovers. (Photo: YouTube)

If you’re already a fan of Justin Bieber, then this is the clip for you. And, on the other hand, if he’s not your cup of tea, then possibly you’ll have a soft spot after watching him take our James Corden clothes shopping.

Corden, who hosts The Late Late Show, is known to invite celebrity friends to go for a drive with him for some Carpool Karaoke. Bieber hops in the car, with the two duetting songs as expected, but unlike other Carpool Karaoke experiences, the two make a pit stop.

The conversation turns to fashion, and Bieber wants to top up Corden’s look. The two stop at a Beverly Hills clothing shop, with the two picking out each other’s outfits:

Corden was oozing confidence when exiting the dressing room, but isn’t he always? It really doesn’t matter how he clothes himself.

We were kind of hoping Corden would have put Bieber in khakis and a polo, going the normcore route, but we’re guessing a trendy store like the one they stopped in may not sell that sort of garb.

It was kind of sweet of Bieber to protect Corden from the paparazzi. The attention must be overwhelming for the British star.

What did you think of the guys’ makeovers?

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By Brigid Brown