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Sherlock (Photo: BBC)

There is something wonderful about watching Sherlock Holmes meet Doctor Watson. We all know these two are destined to be close friends. We all know that by the end of their opening conversation Sherlock will have been as frustrating, rude and brilliant as he can possibly be, and John will react with good humor and a baffled smile, instead of the punch in the face the frustratingly brilliant detective so richly deserves.

So it’s glorious to see some of that moment played out yet again in this teaser from the Sherlock Victorian special “The Abominable Bride”.

And it’s always nice to see John demonstrate his military training to his obnoxious new friend:

And here’s how they met in the very first Sherlock episode “A Study in Pink”:

“The Abominable Bride” will be shown on PBS on January 1, 2016. There are details of the theatrical showings here.

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By Fraser McAlpine