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Daniel Radcliffe and Jimmy Fallon (Photo: NBC)

Somehow, the close crop Daniel Radcliffe is wearing these days just makes this footage seem crueller, as he and Jimmy Fallon embark on a game that involves ritually pouring water on each other’s heads.

On last night’s Tonight Show, Daniel and Jimmy played the card game War, with pint glasses filled with cold water (although not a pint of water in each, no matter what Jimmy may try to claim at the outset), ready to tip over the loser in a simple card game in which the highest card wins.

Watch out for the penultimate round, in which we find out exactly how drenched Daniel got (and that’s before the water cannon):

It would seem unchivalrous if we didn’t mention that Daniel’s new movie Victor Frankenstein is out on November 25.

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By Fraser McAlpine