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Elizabeth Hurley is no wallflower. (Getty Images)

As an observer you’d think suitors would be doing all the work when it comes to winning over Elizabeth Hurley’s attention, but she seems to enjoy the game of flirting herself.

The British actress, currently starring on E!’s The Royals, swung by Late Night with Seth Meyers for a catch-up.

The single mom chatted about heading out for the night and getting her flirt on. Apparently she’s not so good at it, because she said that she gets a bit “clumsy” and her efforts have landed her in the hospital a few times for “flirting-related injuries.”

Meyers was left a little confused, not sure how flirting can send someone to the ER.

Hurley elaborated on one of the mishaps when she tried to scissor jump into a hammock, trying to look cool, but instead gave herself a concussion:

Do you have any flirting disaster stories? Or tips for Hurley?

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By Brigid Brown