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We went into our Anglophenia archives, the Anglo Files if you will, and yep, there it is, a post on British celebrities and their American doppelgangers, and it pairs up Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood.

The post includes other couplings like Mark Strong and Andy Garcia and Carey Mulligan and Michelle Williams.

It does make us wonder when reading through posts like this, do the actors know about each other? Do they look at a photo and think, “Hey, I don’t remember being on that red carpet. Oh, wait, that’s not me.”

Okay, maybe the latter is a bit of a stretch, even though it is a funny mental image, but it turns out Radcliffe does indeed know that people confuse him for Wood, reports Vulture.

The British actor, 28, took part in the podcast WTF with Marc Maron on Monday night (November 16), and he talked about being mistaken for the Lord of the Rings star, 34.

Radcliffe talked to Maron, saying, “It’s because the idea of us is the same.”

He rattled off some of the similarities the two share, like, “We’re both kind of short guys with big blue eyes and brown hair. And we did fantasy movies that came out at the same time.”

Hmm, wonder if Wood is keen on being referred to as “kind of short”? But that’s a side note.

Radcliffe talked about how he handles the mistaken identity, saying in the podcast, “If you just come up and say, ‘Are you Elijah Wood?’ I will say no, and I won’t tell you who I am.” He may withhold his true identity in awkward situations, but we know how nice and thoughtful Radcliffe can be.

He doesn’t stop there with the story, going on to say, “I’m thinking of trying to write some sort of mistaken identity thing where one of us kills the other.”

This isn’t the first time this conversation has come up, with Wood talking about being mistaken for the Harry Potter star on Late Night with Seth Meyers in an earlier interview in 2014.

Radcliffe commented on how that might have been awkward considering the age difference, backtracking to 2012 when he said, “He was being recognized for me when I was 13. He was a 20-something-year-old-man going, ‘Um, no!’”

You can listen to the Daniel Radcliffe interview on WTF with Marc Maron here.

Do you ever confuse the two actors?

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By Brigid Brown