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Happy Wholloween! (Pic: BBC)
Happy Wholloween! (Pic: BBC)
Happy Wholloween! (Pic: BBC/Stuart Manning)

Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who‘s Day roundup, a gathering of space junk and timey-wimey treasure from across the Whovian universe over the past seven days.

You can’t have missed the fact that last Saturday night (October 31) was Halloween; and what’s more, it was the first time a brand-new episode of Doctor Who aired on that particular date since the first part of “Planet of Giants” in 1964. To celebrate, here’s Peter Capaldi with a special “Wholloween” message:

Unsurprisingly, Whovian cosplayers were out in force, sharing their efforts on the #wholloween hashtag. Here are a few of our favorites, including this excellent take on Missy and Osgood:

A female version of the Third Doctor:

A brilliant young Cyberman:

A knitted Ood:

Lots of young fans at the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, Wales:

And finally, er… a Cat. As Cassandra from “The End of the World”:

Oh, and Doctor Who: The Fan Show host Christel shared with us her “Zombie Tenth Doctor” costume from a few years ago:

Designer Stuart Manning, meanwhile, gave us these terrific monster-themed wallpapers:


And if you’re not all Halloweened out yet, then here’s a compilation of some of the scariest ever moments in Doctor Who:

Plus a more personal recollection by Steven Moffat of which monsters have scared him the most:

Here’s what else has landed in time and space news this week:

• The seventh episode of Season 9, “The Zygon Invasion,” was a thought-provoking and chilling parable about paranoia and trust. It’s now available for U.S. cable subscribers to watch via

• And here’s our roundup of ten things you may not know about the episode.

• This week saw the return of fan-favorite character Osgood, played by Ingrid Oliver. Here’s the actress, writer Steven Moffat and Peter Capaldi talking about how the character is a love letter to cosplaying Whovians everywhere:

• And here’s a video discussing her return generally. Hooray for Osgood!

• Unusually, “The Zygon Invasion” was broadcast without a “Next Time” trailer for the following episode, heightening suspense after that almighty cliffhanger. But if you really can’t do without one, the BBC have put one together to watch online instead:

• As per usual, Stuart Manning and the Radio Times gave us a fantastic poster for the episode:

• And if you didn’t know the story behind the real-life New Mexico town featured in the episode, Radio Times has done a roundup of facts about Truth or Consequences.

• The same publication has also put together a guide to previous examples of Doctor Who working political issues into its storylines.

• Did you think the mention of “question-mark underpants” was without precedent? This Eighth Doctor comic strip from Doctor Who Magazine, rediscovered by Tumblr user notmyassistant, has other ideas:

• The show’s set designer Michael Pickwoad has done a few “Ask the Experts” interview videos on Youtube this week. In the first, he discusses designing the Dalek city from this season’s opening two-parter:

And the second is about how to get into production design as a career:

Finally, Michael talks about which “classic” set he’d most like the opportunity to revamp for the new series:

• There’s a short but sweet interview with Steven Moffat at Variety, where he briefly touches on the future of the show. “It is definitely going to last five more years, I’ve seen the business plan. It’s not going anywhere. And I think we can go past that. It’s television’s own legend. It will just keep going.”

The showrunner has also spoken to, and in particular, has a message for fans wondering about the fate of the sonic screwdriver. “The screwdriver will be back. We’re just messing about and having some fun.” However, he also pointed out a few side benefits of the current sonic sunglasses: “It’s kind of cool because [it] means every kid with glasses has now got a superpower. Every kid whose parents don’t want to run the expense of a toy, they just have to go get some sunglasses. Even more importantly, every celebrity who thinks they’re looking cool because they’re wearing sunglasses is now cosplaying as Doctor Who. It tricks pomposity, it confers magic on an everyday household object, and it turns an eye defect into a superpower. How much more Doctor Who do you get?”

Doctor Who: The Fan Show had a few questions for Marvel Comics’ Spider-Man writer and Who fan extraordinaire Dan Slott:

• Sticking with the comic book theme, are you ready yet for David Tennant as a full-on supervillain? He’s front and center in the latest poster for Marvel’s Jessica Jones, in which he plays Kilgrave, aka the Purple Man. The show lands on Netflix on October 20.

Purple Man gets his own poster, as he should. (Netflix)

• And finally… to round off a suitably spooky Who’s Day, here’s one of the creepiest things we’ve ever seen on Twitter. Seriously, don’t click.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you. TTFN!

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By Seb Patrick