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Alex Kingston in 'Doctor Who' (Photo: BBC)

This is just the most lovely story, riddled with the kind of happenstance and mystery that should tickle the minds of all confirmed Whovians (and we’re going to be generous to everyone and assume it’s not a hoax, because if liking Doctor Who teaches us anything, it’s to willingly suspend disbelief, at least until you can work out whether your phone box is actually the same size inside and out).

Brett Stewart is a writer, musician, podcaster and filmmaker (known better by the name Rivers Raven). He is also a confirmed Doctor Who fan, and clearly something of an Anglophile in general. He recently ordered a second hand copy of the book A Photographic History of The Beatles online, it cost him $5. Once his package arrived, he opened the book and was surprised to discover a letter, handwritten, that had been left in the pages, either on purpose or as a bookmark.

It was signed Ariel, and addressed to the Doctor. And yes, it’s THE the Doctor, not a note asking for a medial diagnosis.

The full text of the note (plus a scan of it) is on Brett’s blog, but here are a couple of selected highlights that prove that this is exactly the kind of note the Doctor would be delighted to discover:

“My dearest Doctor,

“How strange it seems to write you. Like a child writing to Santa. You’re fictional, after all. Nonexistent, made up, invented, pure pretend – and yet, you have impacted my life more heavily than anyone living ever has changed me, Doctor. You’ve taught me to cherish each day, to stand up for what’s right, to never solve problems with anger or weapons, to banish hatred, covet knowledge, laugh, love, smile, and live. That’s it! You’ve taught me to live!

“And, I think, I love you. I can’t help it. You’re too wonderful not to love. The only God in the firmament longing to be human… All this time searching, and now I’ve found you. Awkward and odd and nerdy as you are, I love you. And I always will.

“Well, my Doctor, I hope I’ve made you proud… Life is about living, feeling your blood rush and pump and feeling your heart swell with emotion. And that’s what I do. Everyday, without fail, I live. And I am ecstatically, beautifully happy. Thank you for that. – Ariel”

Now, again, this might be for a class project, or some kind of meatspace fanfic or a hoax intended to lure sentimental Whovians into feeling all the feels, but even if it is, it still works. It gets to the nub of why Doctor Who works for millions of people and then nuzzles it, for good luck.

Why not write your own letter to the Doctor and leave it in a book? Consider it a class project for the holidays.

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By Fraser McAlpine