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David Tennant and Georgia Moffat in 'The Doctor's Daughter' (Photo: BBC)
David Tennant and Georgia Moffat in 'The Doctor's Daughter' (Photo: BBC)
David Tennant and Georgia Moffat in ‘The Doctor’s Daughter’ (Photo: BBC)

Imagine how strange it must be to discover that you’ve become immersed in a science fiction TV show, one that you suspect might just be the most brilliant science fiction TV show that has ever been, but the principal star is your dad, and there’s an episode where he plays a father figure to your mum. That’s the situation the children of David Tennant and Georgia Moffett find themselves in, quite by chance.

David, in an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show this weekend, has revealed that his older children have developed a real abiding love for Doctor Who, having seen the episode “The Doctor’s Daughter,” in which he and Georgia (who is the real daughter of Fifth Doctor Peter Davison) first met.

He said: “I did not force this upon them! My wife and I met on Doctor Who and they saw a picture, they got wind of that. So they wanted to see it and they watched the episode we met on, and then they developed this passion for it.

“It’s now on in our house all the time, which is embarrassing when people come round because it looks like there’s a moving shrine to myself in the corner of the living room at all times.”

But there comes a time when one Doctor has to move on, to be replaced by someone else, and as all fans have to learn to do, David and Georgia’s children—particularly their daughter Olive—have come to accept that their dad isn’t the only man fit to drive the TARDIS: “The other day, Olive watched my last one, and I thought ‘This is fine,’ I wasn’t really thinking about it. It gets quite sad toward the end, and she was wrapped so I wasn’t really paying any attention to the way she was reacting to it. And then she got really upset, really upset! You know, quite moved!

“Part of me was thinking, ‘Aw [she] doesn’t want to see her daddy moving on.’ Four hours later she was still crying, at which point it felt like bad parenting, I have to be honest.”

Thankfully there’s a happy ending, although maybe a bittersweet one for David himself: “Yesterday she found Matt Smith and he’s her favorite. They’re fickle.”

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