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Sherlock’s locks have gotten a bit of a trim for the Victorian special, and star Benedict Cumberbatch is loving it.

In an interview with Britain’s Independent, Cumberbatch says it was a bit of a relief getting Sherlock’s now-trademark tousled hair shorn for “The Abominable Bride,” the upcoming special set in Victorian times. “I was thrilled,” he said. “At last, I could get a haircut.”

He adds, “You feel some of the weight is taken off you. You’re no longer trying to establish this man in the 21st century. The other gorgeous thing about going back in time is that you can actually look to the books for source material, which I always do for our version anyway, but it’s even more qualifiable to lean on them for inspiration.”

The Independent is well worth reading for comments from Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, and Sherlock co-creators Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat. Interestingly, Cumberbatch and Freeman were both initially a bit unsure about taking what has been a modern adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle and setting a story in the 1890s. Cumberbatch actually said, “You’re mad.” But both actors warmed up to the idea. “And then I got the more detailed pitch and I thought, ‘OK, this is going to be great fun’,” said Cumberbatch. “And it really is. It’s so nice to play him in his era. The things that are asked of me in the modern version, the sense that this is a man clearly slightly out of his time… to put him back in the era he was written in originally is just a joy. It feels easier…”

“The Abominable Bride” premieres January 1 on PBS, with a special two-day U.S. theatrical release on January 5 and 6.

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.