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Krysten Ritter stars as Jessica Jones in the Netflix original. (Photo: Netflix)

Jessica Jones is the superhero we’ve been waiting for. She’s not decked out in a bustier and tights but instead opts for jeans and a black crop jacket with combat boots. Like Spider-Man‘s Peter Parker, she understands with great power comes great responsibility. But Krysten Ritter is no Supergirl, with the sexed-up storylines found in Marvel’s 13-part series, premiering on Netflix (November 20).

Here are 10 reasons we find Jessica Jones so cool:

1. She’s resourceful.  
Working in NYC she has a lot of business as a private investigator, saying, “New York may be the city that never sleeps, but it sure does sleep around. Not that I’m complaining, cheaters are good for business.” She’s a natural when it comes to the business of sneaking around and staying out of sight since her inclination is to be alone.

2. She doesn’t mince words.
When asked about her connection to a crime scene, she unapologetically replies, “I’m just trying to make a goddamn living in this goddamn city.” There’s no such thing as a hard day’s work in Jessica’s world; they’re all hard. She’s doing her best, doesn’t care what people think, nor does she conform to society’s rules on how a lady should act.

3. She’s super strong.
Like break a door by accident when closing it kind of strong. She’s just really not in the mood to be a superhero these days, but she does bust out her super strength every once in a while in the name of, like when she tosses a man twice her size across the bar.

4. She’s flawed.
There’s a sadness about her, but she’s no fragile little thing. People know they can rely on her because she’s able to put everything on the line, having nothing to lose. She lives life like it’s the last day, and it may well be with the sociopath Zebediah Kilgrave (David Tennant) hovering.

5. She’s complex. 
Jessica is tortured by the past, but she’s able to keep a grip. The darkness she carries within helps her face what’s going on in the outside world. A new acquaintance of hers describes the impression she’s made on him, calling her “a hard-drinking, short-fused, mess of a woman.” Jessica cheekily takes it as if it’s a compliment, replying, “All I have is my professional reputation.” The girl does have a sense of humor.

6. She’s not needy.
She doesn’t crave acceptance and is selective of who she lets into her life. She’s completely fine with her own company, even going to bars alone. She takes advantage of ladies’ night at a local dive bar, with the bartender commenting on her ability to drink for such a small woman. Jessica coyly responds, “I don’t get asked out on a lot of second dates.” 

7. She owns her sexuality.
Jessica doesn’t overthink things and enjoys the luxury of being direct. She tells her bartender friend, “I don’t flirt, I just say what I want,” landing the two between the sheets.

8. She can keep a secret.
Uh, well the doozy of a secret is that she has superhero abilities. She not only keeps her own secrets: Working as a private investigator she collects other people’s secrets, watching what they’re doing, but she can also be discreet.

9. She’s a survivor.
The broken superhero has suffered traumatizing hardships that are laid out in the Marvel comics and hinted at in the trailers. She could give up, drink herself into oblivion, but she fights through the denial and comes out on the other side.

10. She has a conscience. 
The easist thing for Jessica would be to run away and never look back. But she knows she’s the only one who can stand up to Kilgrave. She understands it would be reckless of her to leave him behind given what he’s capable of.

Is Jessica Jones your kind of superhero? 

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By Brigid Brown