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Tom Hiddleston (Photo: BBC)
Tom Hiddleston (Photo: BBC)
Tom Hiddleston (Photo: BBC)

Ever the gentleman actor, when Tom Hiddleston was recently asked by BBC News whether he had been approached to play James Bond—should the position become vacant in the near future—he took it as an opportunity for a little roleplay, thereby giving him time to think of a suitably respectful and composed answer.

Watch this clip, and see how long he fends off the main question until he can find the right way to say “of COURSE I want the job, but I’m not prepared to say that out loud because it is not seemly,” and even when he’s got himself together, his sentences flow… oddly.

“In an entirely hypothetical situation… of course it would be… that would be such a huge… I think I would enjoy the experience.”

Well said, sir. *applause*

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By Fraser McAlpine