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Russell Tovey enjoys a good Tweet-fest. (Photo: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images)
Russell Tovey enjoys a good Tweet-fest. (Photo: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images)
Russell Tovey enjoys a good Tweet-fest. (Photo: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images)

It’s so tempting to live-tweet the events in your daily life, but sometimes we have to stop and think, “Is it social media-worthy?”

British actor Russell Tovey (Being Human, Looking) doesn’t seem to struggle with this issue, and we’re happy he doesn’t hold back from what could be considered oversharing by some.

You may have caught our earlier post on Tovey’s run-in with a stranger who he referred to as #CouchGirl. He had no idea who the girl was sleeping on his couch, and he live-tweeted the entire meet-and-greet, what transpired during her visit and the final goodbye.

This time around Tovey found himself sharing an airplane row with a not-so-delightful fellow passenger on a flight from London to NYC.

Wait, Tovey is in NYC? Where? For what? Okay, we’ll save that for a follow-up post.

His updates started off innocently enough. The British actor seemed pleased that he could use the airline’s wi-fi while in-flight, tweeting:

Things didn’t start off so great with his neighbor guessing if Tovey was Australian. If you follow our sister blog Mind the Gap you’ll understand being confused for Australian isn’t offensive at all, it can be annoying when people guess your country of origin rather than asking (which still might be deemed intrusive.)

Tovey shared this short tweet:

He wasn’t happy when the man “commandeered” his blanket:

People do get touchy when there’s a lot of sneezing and coughing in close proximity:

It appears to have been one of those flights when you’re counting down the hours until landing, literally:

It may sound like Tovey was whingeing (whining in British English), but the guy was sound asleep while Tovey was uncomfortable and blanket-less:

And cold:

Just as Tovey was about to ring for a flight attendant, two gents on the plane came to the rescue:

What’s this? A spare blanket? Tovey was joyous:

He gave the guys a shout-out on Twitter:

We didn’t get a snap of Tovey all cuddled up in his blanky, but it seems the situation was resolved:

You’d think it would’ve stopped there, but it appears Tovey went for breakfast after de-boarding with #blanketman:

Well, at least we know how he started his trip in NYC.

What do you think of Russell Tovey’s fondness for live-tweeting?

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