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"Stop laughing at once! My shoes smell immaculate!" (Photo: Warner Bros)
"Stop laughing at once! My shoes smell immaculate!" (Photo: Warner Bros)
“Stop laughing at once! My shoes are immaculate!” (Photo: Warner Bros)

Poor Severus Snape. Having been handed the least pleasant of tasks throughout the entire Harry Potter story arc, one in which he was forced by poor circumstance to act against his own finer feelings and present himself in a less-than-attractive light, it seems that even his creator struggles to find something nice to say about him.

J.K. Rowling was recently answering Twitter questions and fan theories in her Twitter feed, and having fended off a couple of left-field suggestions, she was asked what the former potions master at Hogwarts smelled like. She immediately nailed his musty odor, which may partly explain why he struggled to gain and maintain friendships:

Of course the fun with a fantasy environment in which anything can happen is that fans tend to run off with your best characters and plot ideas and come back with theories and patterns that you never intended, like the idea that Ron Weasley is actually Dumbledore from the future:

Or that the precious Malfoy blood had been tainted with lycanthropy:

Ah but what if it’s the other way around? Dracola, anyone?

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By Fraser McAlpine