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Richard Hopkins' K9 (Photo: Richard Hopkins)

Welcome to this week’s Doctor Who’s Day Roundup, a drawing together of as many items of Whovian interest in a seven-day period. Although this week we’re starting with something grand that first came to light back in July, it was featured this week at the Radio Times site, and properly updated yesterday (October 19).

Doctor Who fans, as we have established many, many times, are among the most dedicated and creative people in the universe. So dedicated, in fact, that they’re prepared to spend their leisure time creating a working (and eerily sentient) model of K-9, the Fourth Doctor’s robot dog.

That’s what Richard Hopkins did this year, completing a mission he first began when he was eight years old. And the results are nothing short of spectacular:

Here are the inner workings in all their glory. As Richard says, the “brain” is a Raspberry Pi, a single-board computer about the size of a credit card, which allows him (or his daughter Julia) to control K-9 using Wifi:

You can read all about how he did it at his blog.

And here’s the real K-9 in action, thrashing the Doctor at chess:

Here’s what else has been going on in space and time this week:

• The Doctor and Clara helped a community of Vikings fend off an invasion, and in the process, the Doctor accidentally rendered one particularly bright Viking immortal. It was “The Girl Who Died,” and it was glorious. (U.S. cable subscribers can watch it at

We pulled together 10 of the hidden references from the episode. And there are more in this week’s Doctor Who Diary.

• While we’re at it, here are 10 words the English language owes to the Vikings.

• Tumblr fan artists have already reacted, there’s the hug moment (from two angles):

• The “You’ve decided to stay” moment…

• …and this potential future meeting of immortal souls:

Jenna Coleman sets the scene for the shoot:

Maisie Williams discusses crossing fandoms:

• “A lot of insane beards”

• Maisie relishes a bit of sci-fi with her beards and dragons:

Peter Capaldi has enjoyed being elbowed out of the way by Maisie, literally at times:

• For this episode, Maisie was given a camera and told to wander about backstage. Here’s what she discovered…

A rehearsal of Odin’s arrival:

• A chat with Chuckles:

• Meet baby Lofty:

• The Doctor’s yo-yo is back, requiring a special yo-yo tutor for Peter:

• Meet the Mire:

• And Peter reveals that he has nothing but sympathy for the people in the Mire suits:

• There are loads of new galleries from this episode at the Doctor Who site:

• Here’s the trailer for the concluding part of this tale, “The Woman Who Lived.”

• In which Ashildr meets… well who, exactly?

@maisie_williams returns to #DoctorWho in The Woman Who Lived… But who’s she with here? #DrWho #whovian #fandom

A photo posted by Doctor Who Official (@bbcdoctorwho) on

• And some preview images of Maisie’s costumes:

• A big hello to Rufus Hound:

Mark Gatiss has some advice for writers who want to create new worlds for the Doctor to explore:

• And finally, there are a lot strange foods in Doctor Who, and we don’t mean the contents of that testosterone tube Odin was drinking from. So, here’s what happens when Buzzfeed encourages American Whovians to try Doctor Who-themed treats:


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By Fraser McAlpine